VISIE 3D scanners are Investigational Devices and are not available for sale.


VISIE is lighting the path to a brighter tomorrow.

VISIE is a 3D computer vision and spatial computing company researching, developing, and commercializing revolutionary optical scanners for robotic orthopedic, neuro, and spine surgery.

For the first time, surgical robots and navigation systems can see the patient:

  • See the precise cut plane in orthopedic surgery
  • See the brain shift in neurosurgery
  • See the target vertebral insertion point in spine surgery

VISIE’s precision optics and deep tech are creating 3D vision and actionable intelligence to improve the patient and surgeon experience.

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Precision optics. Deep tech. Actionable intelligence.

Far more than we realize goes unseen in surgery. Anatomy shifts, instruments move, and critical details that impact surgical accuracy go undetected. Some movements are so small they can only be seen by computers.

Enter VISIE 3D computer vision.

See more:

  • >10X more precise than industry standard
  • Snap registration with >1M points in one second
  • Auto tracking of anatomical shift

Save more:

  • Reduce steps in the surgical workflow
  • Save time in the operating room
  • Preserve tissue during surgery
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